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Martes, 03 Septiembre 2019 08:36

Pay for Google positioning?

Surely I have asked more than once, do I really need to pay to position myself in Google ?. In this article we will explain what the real situation is so that you can choose which strategy is best for you. First of all remind you that Google is a private company, which obviously sets a set of rules to use its technology, some of these rules are social and others contractual. Read on if you are interested in knowing more about them and how they can be used for your own benefit. We remind you that currently in your internet promotion strategy, you can choose two different options, organic or SEO and SEM or paid advertising. You can also combine them to find the best results for your investment.

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If you have searched the question: How much does SEO positioning cost? On Google, you will have noticed that most of the websites only expose their rates for their SEO services. In Virtus Honoris we are different, we will give you a real economic estimate of how much your SEO positioning strategy can cost you. Thanks to our technology we can quantify the cost of the actions that you must carry out to achieve your objectives. Are you interested in knowing this estimate ?, read on.

As with any quantification problem, the key is to have the necessary data to enter the correct secret formula. After more than 10 years of experience, we have managed to find this formula and also with the data. In this way we can offer you a real estimate very approximate to the amount that you will need to invest in your SEO strategy, to be successful.

The costs of an SEO strategy can be divided into SEO in page and SEO off page, within the latter the link building actions will be the ones that require most of the SEO strategy investment. We will make a personalized study of the costs that you will have to face in order to succeed both from the point of view on page and off page. Once you have that estimate, you will be better prepared to make decisions about whether to execute the strategy, change it or abandon it.

In the event that you wish to continue with your strategy from Virtus Honoris we can take charge of its execution, discounting the price of the initial study of the estimate of the final cost. Now if you want to do it on your own or with a third party, you will have with our estimate a powerful tool that will allow you to better negotiate contracts or measure your progress.

As you can see we don't hide anything, we are transparent, the information we will provide will be of high quality and in many cases it is sure that it will save you more than a dislike. Cheer up and try our SEO cost estimation service, nobody better than us to answer the question: How much does SEO positioning cost?

Don't fall into the trap of other SEO services, get a real estimate of costs first and then search, compare and if you find something better, buy it!


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Domingo, 25 Agosto 2019 06:09

¿Pagar por el posicionamiento en Google?

Seguramente se lo haya preguntado más de una vez, ¿Realmente necesito pagar por posicionarme en Google?. En este artículo le explicaremos cual es la situación real para que pueda elegir cual es la estrategia que más le conviene. Antes de nada recordarle que Google es una empresa privada, que obviamente establece un conjunto de normas para usar su tecnología, algunas de estas normas son sociales y otras contractuales. Siga leyendo si está interesado en conocer más sobre ellas y como se pueden usar para el beneficio propio. Le recordamos que actualmente en su estrategia de promoción en Internet, puede optar por dos opciones diferentes, la orgánica o SEO y la publicidad SEM o de pago. Así mismo también puede combinarlas para encontrar los obtener los mejores resultados a su inversión.

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Lunes, 18 Marzo 2019 09:23

SEO Positioning

The organic search in Google Search is one of the basic sources of information when someone pretends to know the reputation of a company, brand or person. For this reason, we offer an SEO positioning service that allows you to move away from malicious content or criticism that impacts online reputation. When the legal erasure of content is not enough and there are still malicious contents, protected by freedom of expression, the only way in reality is to speak louder. SEO positioning allows the displacement of said negative contents in the Google ranking in order to reduce the number of possible visualizations. We fight freedom of expression with more freedom of expression.

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Jueves, 07 Marzo 2019 14:29

Posicionamiento SEO

La búsqueda orgánica en Google Search es una de las fuentes de información básicas cuando alguien pretende conocer la reputación de una empresa, marca o persona. Por ello, nosotros ofrecemos un servicio de posicionamiento SEO que permite alejar los contenidos o críticas maliciosas que impactan sobre la reputación online. Cuando el borrado legal de contenidos no es suficiente y aún quedan contenidos maliciosos, amparados por la libertad de expresión, la única vía en realidad es hablar más alto. El posicionamiento SEO permite desplazar dichos contenidos negativos en el ranking de Google con el objeto de reducir el número de visualizaciones posibles. Combatimos la libertad de expresión con más libertad de expresión.

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